Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Forgiving Sarah Palin (I've Been Wrong)

The process involved a lot of reflection, reading, rest, cleansing, and grapefruit but, I can finally state that a portion of my 'life's journey' is complete; I learned how to truly forgive.

Despite a legitimate desire to remain open-minded, accept the differences that exist between myself and others, and truly embrace and tout America's First Amendment, I often realize that my glowing attributes are merely held in vain. Often times, an impulsive desire to shred any piece of an opposing view along with the individual who holds it enters my threshold of destruction and is surrounded by a shield of an impenetrable stubbornness.

Because of my adamant disagreement with her politics and method of presenting them, one individual, who has no idea who I am or what I've said, has still been the target for countless insults, claims, and ridicule from my unrestrained musings, and I feel bad.

Consider for a moment, that every ideal you hold close and strive to espouse (essentially, your true being) was one day recognized by someone in power. Your heart and soul are validated by a candidate for the most powerful office on Earth.

Finally, you are in a position to offer your core beliefs to the masses. You can now bring the change that molded your spirit and family into the hearts and minds of Americans, if not the rest of the world.

I truly believe that Sarah Palin's foundation is formed from roots that sincerely intend to offer only greatness and prosperity. However, the superficial puppet-masters that thrust her into the world's spotlight were not doing so with her, or America's best interests in mind.

The 2008 Presidential Election contained a surge of enthusiasm and energy not experienced since, at least, John F. Kennedy's bid in 1960. Barack Obama created a tidal wave of support that could not be matched by John McCain alone. His campaign needed a spark plug, someone who's zest, attractiveness, youth, and 'freshness' could match the Illinois Senator.

This is not intended as an insult (though I am sure some will take it that way) but, Gov. Palin was not chosen to run as Vice President because of her grasp on domestic and international relations, a vision for a balanced economy, or a reputation for enacting social reform. She attained her status on the ticket because very few had ever heard of her (including John McCain, he met her once) and she possesed a knack for firing-up a crowd that McCain sorely lacked. She was merely a pawn in a grand political scheme.

Obviously, the McCain/Palin ticket failed to overtake the machine that was, Obama. Sen. McCain had a cozy political office to retreat into where his fervor for the national spotlight could still be achieved. He would remain a force in the institutions that form the bedrock of American Government; his appetite could be fed.

But, what about Sarah?

Gov. Palin had a taste of the sensational popularity and attention that is normally reserved for Hollywood starlets. She had a venue that allowed her, hell- it begged her- to shout her principles aloud and spread them among every American.

Would you want to retreat back into the nether-regions of Alaska?


Our nation's media remains fixated on Gov. Palin. A lust for her image, voice, and thoughts is sought at every turn. It is not her fault that the 24 hour news stations clamor for her image and crave her opinions. Sarah positions herself in a way that keeps the news gremlins fed but still leaves them hungry for more.

Sarah Palin was/is merely attempting to create and achieve her own "American Dream." Similar to the miners who headed West, the small town choir singer performing for 3 Judges, or the man with a tool forged in his garage, that will change the world, Palin is an undeterred entrepreneur striving to maintain her brand. Unfortunately for her, it is starting to die.

Yesterday, Sarah Palin's strongest supporter, Bill Kristol expressed his malcontent with her recent positioning (video below). What may seem trivial, is actually a very big deal in the political arena. To this point, Mr. Kristol (viewed by many as a very strong conservative pundit) has hailed Sarah as a wunderkind who could do no wrong. He emerged as the latest conservative voice (joining Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, and others) teamed with polls expressing doubt that Sarah can be a true political contender/player in the future.

The rise and fall of Sarah Palin is not complete, and has yet to be solidified as her destiny. However, her stardom has taken the course of many American luminaries. The sadistic nature of our being, loves to witness the assumed Greek Tragedy in everyone. Sarah Palin could be our Agamemnon and, if the case, I couldn't feel more sorry for her.

It's starting to warm up a bit... I hope that the day treats you well... Matt Larson and Anne Plaisted, you two have a fantastic day...

William Kristol Video...

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