Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It begins...

My incessant polluting of your "Facebook News Feed" is, for the time being, headed the way of meaningful environmental reform legislation in Congress- straight into a pit where only those who care to see, experience, or believe in it have the opportunity. And, unlike the ideas presented to politicians, "the pit" is probably where a lot of what I have to say belongs.
My intention is not for this "pit" to represent the immediate images that the word implies. Rather, I want my "pit" to be more like the cozy room, nook, or person that we all try to seek refuge in from time to time. It would be asinine for me to even for a moment expect this blog to be a safe haven for anyone but me. Hell, I control the crazy Google tabs on the top which allow me to essentially ensure that this remains MY zone. However, if you ever feel the desire to post something, anything... feel free. See, my IDEAL "cozy nook" is one that encourages and fosters debate, discussion, and random thoughts.
What "my zone" does NOT guarantee is that you will always feel comfortable. I truly believe that my only REAL progress as a person occurs when I am challenged and uncomfortable. Why? Because uncertainty FORCES me to think.
This does NOT ensure that I will respond to your comments. Sometimes, I like to ponder concepts for lengths of time... other times, I just don't care... Regardless, know that I will ALWAYS read anything that you post.
I plan for this inaugural message to act as the only in depth "warning" regarding this blogs' content. My mind is full of randomness, hell, it's full of chaos. But, I will maintain that your spirit is too... it's merely a matter of recognizing that 'control' is something unattainable and slowly allowing your layers of security blankets to fall off (for the record, this is next to impossible and it would be a lie to you and myself if I for one moment implied that I have the capability of doing this).
For this reason, my blog may incorporate discussions that will anger, scare, disgust, or bore the hell out of you...
While this blog may actually become a detour in whatever existential journey I have set myself on, so be it... In the meantime, enjoy my valiant attempt at grasping even a small piece of the shadow (it should be amusing, eventful, dumbfounding, painful, and/or perplexing) and, for any brave/insane souls, feel free to come along... I have NO clue where we're headed.....


  1. Lord help us.

    And remember something an ace reporter once told me. "Treat 'em all like they never had a mother".