Friday, February 4, 2011

Remembering High School Morning Announcements...

During my senior year at Southwest High School, I had the privilege of presenting the Morning Announcements.

 The script (or, lack thereof) consisted of daily events, future plans, and/or warnings pertaining to leaving campus for lunch.

 We frequently featured guests from sports teams and plays, an individual who offered a "Word O' the Day" (he always wanted to define "masticate" but, the administration refused to allow it --pretty sure he snuck it in towards commencement), and during a couple rare occurrences, dates were arranged for school dances (perhaps, that was the 'start' of reality TV- residuals?!).

A minor suspension even occurred because of my inability to refrain from offering commentary (to this day, I will maintain that a "Black History Month Presentation" postponed through April deserves ridicule-- similar to a "Christmas Pageant" stalled until March).

Despite the various 'acts' on the show, one specific element really seemed to reverberate amongst all those listening, the "Good Day Greeting."

My "greeting" merely focused on two individuals in the school and offered them a completely random wish to have a wonderful day. I don't know if it was the mention of their name over the shoddy loudspeaker or a true sense of 'warmth' on a particularly 'cold' day that held their interest but, something about it worked.

With that in mind, moving forward, I will offer a "Good Day" wish to two of my Facebook friends (or, maybe some randoms) every morning. My method of choice will be left to divine intervention and/or natural selection (whichever you choose to believe)... If you don't want your name selected, that will probably require a ton of prayer or direct threats--- even with that, I can't make any promises.

The 'wish' will occur regardless of the morning post's content... Perhaps, as a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously (me, especially...)

Good Friday Morning to everyone and, Kyrstin (Gustafson) Schwartz and David Beukema, you two have a wonderful day...

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