Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ok, Just 'Hold' the Lap Dance (for now....).....

My post from this morning has garnered mixed reactions.

Some individuals have expressed disgust and disappointment, others have mocked and openly asked, "what the hell are you doing?," and one person took a sensational risk and openly critiqued my position.

Sonya's response to my post is THE reason that I wanted to start this blog. (Please, read her thoughts underneath the initial "Take Your Lap Dance and Shove It" column)

She offered a perspective to my thoughts that I would never consider.

Heck, strip clubs can only be one or two things, right? A smutty destination for horny dudes or a place where distraught or slutty women sell their bodies to make ends meet.

I will argue that those sentiments ring true during most discussions involving the Adult World. Seldom, would anyone take the time to consider the multiple business and personal elements that really exist in a strip club or sex store. I was guilty of that.

This is not to say that horrible occurences don't exist in the trade... But, what DOESN'T have a dark side? I believe it is integral to our growth as a community and people to venture where we are most afraid. To acknowledge that shit exists in many facets of our surroundings. But sometimes, THAT is all we choose to see or accept.

All components of an argument should be scrutinized before one claims to have 'the answer'...

I will maintain my personal position on strip clubs, but also look to continue a discussion with those that have made a career out of the endeavor- owners AND employees-- and, those that enjoy and benefit from the services offered... That is only fair to truly developing a sound stance and/or understanding.

If this blog continues to live, I will commit to researching and presenting as accurate a portrait as I can offer.

My opinions will continue to flow and welcome open challenges... But, always with the inherent mission of my goal, to provide some sort of change...

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